Some years ago, due to a challenge issued by an author I still am reading daily, I decided to start writing every day. An article a day.

And no cheating either. Each and every day, around the same time, publish something. Your thoughts, your experiences.. whatever has held your mind captive was available to write about.

After about 3 weeks it became harder and harder. What are you still gonna talk about… and this every day? In that era a misconception formed in my mind: Oh no. I am utterly and I do mean UTTERLY boring!

Turns out that writing every day is a skill set. And just like any skill set, it takes practice to master. In my case, I took to writing offline albeit it not every day for my mind to let go of the fact that no. I am not boring.

In any case. I’ve started writing online again, to prove to myself that yes, I can. And also to showcase this crazy life to which I have not found the key to yet. What key, you’re asking? Well, the key of happiness. The key of letting go (Frozen style). The key to trust that whichever path I am on, God’s got my back. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” right? (Deut 31:6 amongst others).