Beginning and the End

The year is winding down. We are counting the days left till Christmas and being all happy and decorative and jolly and positive and .. and .. you catch the drift. Merry! That’s why it’s Merry Christmas after all.

And then, the magic happens. It’s January 1st. The day we’ve anxiously been waiting for. Because our miracle starts that day, right? That’s the day we start with the gym, so that June 1st, when summer starts (or whenever your goal is btw) we have the summer body. That’s also the day that everything is lining up because we got a new chance. A new year equals a new chance at not being stuck in a year that wasn’t up to par.

The cliché goes that around January 20th all that goes down the drain. But I want to even challenge THAT notion. Because I have noticed (in myself too!) that by Jan 3rd or 4th we’re already disillusioned. Because … well only 5 days have passed from the jolly, happy .. well merry and we’re still “stuck” in the same space. We still have the 5 kg overweight. We still don’t know how to solve a particular problem. We are basically still…. stuck.

So, I want to challenge myself (and maybe you too) today. Instead of looking at winding down and starting up (ending and beginning), why not turn it around? Look at the beginning. Celebrate that. Celebrate that you are starting a new journey NOW. Not on January 1st (or on your birthday or whatever date is important to you), but celebrate where you are NOW. Look at ALL the blessings you have. TRUST me, you have more blessings than you care to celebrate. But look at all of them. And start celebrating that because the end would be even better than the beginning.

So ready? Set? GO!

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