In the past there was this hype.. or maybe it’s still around – you tell me. Work-life balance: how to maximize both spaces and make sure that both get the attention they deserve.

Now, how easy is it to achieve such a balance? Of course, this balance has a different look and feel for everyone and therefore I’ll just touch base on my own experience.

Since I can remember, working has been part of my DNA. Or training, if you will. School, then sports, then music, then whatever else is lined up because oh no! Being idle means being lazy so by no means do we do that – NO NO and NO!

I’ve always made fun of my friends (still do actually) when they start complaining that age has something to do with decisions that they make. But now, secretly, I’m also wondering if this phenomenon has entered into my heart. Because truth be told is that .. I am tired. Always tired. And I am not talking about being physically tired, although that sometimes is also the case. No, I’m talking about mentally. Mentally prepping myself again for yet another day of actually the same ol’, same ol’.

This does not mean that my life is boring. Oh – au contraire! Every day is an adventure. Either is a friend visiting from the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao or the US, or my kids have found yet another game in which their mother is encapsulated (lol) to play with them, or a prospective project comes knocking at the door, or … or … the list goes on and on.

What I struggle with most, is to say no in order to find that inner balance, that inner peace that only God can provide. My head is mostly buzzy – constantly thinking about either work, money, kids, things-to-do and the merry does go round and round.

And this is where I am right now. Getting out of my head proved to be difficult. So difficult that I ended up having to go seek help in order to regain seeing the bigger picture. The bigger picture meaning (for me) that God is in control, and that nothing which is happening is a surprise to Him. And that I can rely on the fact that He loves me unconditionally and therefore it’s ok to let go. Let go and let God. Only He can provide me with peace of mind in order to be even able to find said balance. One day…

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