Since June this year I’ve been walking every day. Ok, not every single day but most days (6 out of 7) I’m out and about. Either at 5 in the morning, or 7, depending if the kids are with me that week or not.

Lo and behold. If you look closely to your surroundings, there are literally a million things to see. Either it’s the cloud (I got cloud fever I think lol) or a beetle, or an animal that you were not expecting to see.

The reason I started walking was because I was issued a challenge. At the time, I was at an all-time-low and a friend told me to go walk every day for a week, and talk to God during that time. I was skeptical to say the least. If God wasn’t talking to me while in my room tucked away from eyes to see (Mat 6:5) why would He turn up when I’m walking around and about?

Not to shy away from a challenge though, I went out. And what I encountered wasn’t something I expected: He surpassed my expectations in that week. Nature has so many different aspects and so what you see today, might be totally different tomorrow. And with each object, animal or thing seen, I got a story or a parable or a message which was totally amazing.

And because of that, I’m still walking today. What about you? Do you also have a morning routine or walk or run that you cherish?

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