It’s official. It has happened. I officially started freaking out a few months ago. Because of … wait for it … work!

Without getting to filosofical about things, I still wonder. What is that word work really mean? A job? Taking care of your kids? Keeping your house clean? Driving people around? Looking it up in Merriam Webster gives an ample definition: “To fulfill duties regularly …” Only one of the definitions given, has to do with salary or wages.

Now why was I freaking out? I was freaking out because even though I was (am) creating new ventures, there was no wages or salary to speak of. And when the bottom of the barrel can be seen without creation being done, one can be prone to anxiety.

The thing is, that I should know better. One because being an entrepreneur has shown me that it ebbs and flows. Of COURSE you’d like it to flow more but hey! Can’t have everything you want all the time, right? Or can we?

Creating new ventures have proven to be tough, mainly because I was not in a right state of mind. And when you create new ventures, you are basically selling hope. Most of the time, the thing you are selling is not existing yet! Should your mind be funky, then Oe – getting the funk out becomes priority number one.

This is a prime reason why I have not been posting anything anywhere. I will resume posting once my head starts working soundly again. And having been in this boat before, there are no guarantees as to when the boat is fixed. But I also know, that I am being taken care of, and that we will be fine. The basic principle of life is this: ALL, and I mean ALL is well. And if I believe this, then this too, shall pass.

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