Food – relationship #1

Well isn’t that something to call food my #1 relationship, isn’t it? It is actually not true, but if you know me you know that I can get pretty serious about food allright.
I’ve noticed that people around me plan vacation and don’t think a moment about what they’re gonna eat. Or another thing – eat with others and then being ok with other people picking food from their plate. Noohooo! Not me!

This isn’t something I was born with: in fact I was (and still am to an extent) a picky eater. Sweets? No thank you, unless it’s a plantain.

The reason I’m turning to this topic today is that I’ve started a fast a few days ago again. Since last year, I’ve put my nose in the direction of looking at what I’m feeding myself. You are what you eat, right? And as the years go by, I’m saddened to say that my figure is also becoming softer. Tsss. And to combat this, looking at my diet was one of the things I decided to focus on.

And boy what a surprise I got! Not only are salads nice (well, not perse ALL salads, this one above I find quite boring to be honest), but they can be delicious! Who knew????
And since going on this life style change, I can sincerely say that my love for food has only gotten deeper. AND doing a fast for the first time successfully last year, was the first time in which I could literally feel my body sing. Yup. A song of it’s own. Of pure happiness and clarity of mind and basically – thanking me for giving it a break.

So what’s your story? Do you love food too and think you can’t do a fast? Well no matter what your motivation might be, one thing I can tell you is – every single thing is driven by our mind, our imagination: our belief system. So if you think you can’t. You’re right. If you think you can.. guess what? Yep, you’re right.

So let’s get it on, shall we! To a better you .. and me!

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