Being comfortable

Read somewhere that should you want to become a writer, you should start by being a bad writer first. Be uncomfortable first. Bit by bit, you will start seeing growth from being bad, to mediocre. And if you’re lucky you will become an excellent writer.

Food for thought. Being comfortable doesn’t bring you growth. Isn’t as exciting. Or is it? For me at least there are things that I thrive at while being uncomfortable. Giving classes on new technology? Like AI? SURE! Agreeing whilst knowing absolutely nothing. Then in that discomfort go and slay an awesome presentation. Present something to an audience of 400? Suree!! Needing to go to the toilet a kazillion times before presenting. But then being as cool as a cucumber on stage. Being that uncomfortable is where I thrive.

But then there’s the other discomfort. The other where I’m not happy that I need to go to the police to file a written report on someone who assaulted me. Discomfort in confrontational conversations. Are these also classified as growth opportunities? I can’t conclude otherwise.

And so, my conclusion is that it’s all about perspective. Look at the problem, and alter my perspective to be the sunny side up. Even in the discomfort.

What do you think?

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