Do you know what I realized the other day? That even though I’ve been writing some articles here and there, that if you really think about it, I haven’t really said anything now, have I?

The internet is not my friend. And so, instead of jumping in the nitty gritty I tend to stay at the shallow end of the pool. That way I won’t create a ripple, right?

But what if the whole point of writing is to create that ripple. What if someone reading this, needs that ripple, that brutal honesty in which they (or you) can recognize themselves. And I’m bailing out mainly because I don’t want to be harsh.

Well. No more. I’m going to say the things I wanna say as that’s a lesson for me too. “How to say things as they are, no camouflage or anything of that sort”.

So next topic I’m writing, I’ll be as clear as possible without holding back. You ready for that? I know I am. So let’s go!

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