What thought crosses your mind when you read that word – Power? Or maybe a better question would be: what kind of emotion does that word produce?

This week I had the pleasure to ponder on the word creation. Well not the word creation only, but rather to create, being a creator, coming from The Creator and what that specifically means for me. And I’ve come to the rather surprising conclusion: sometime around my thirties, my imagination-machine came to a stop. Complete and utter shut down. Ironically – or shall I say funnily – I imagined it being a steam engine with wood being burnt continuously whereby the workers decide to quit one day. Just upped and left. And the steam engine, not getting any fuel, slowly grinded to a complete halt.

To go through life without imagination is … well rather dull, wouldn’t you say? The good thing was though that I had a lot of energy, so I was able to get around on the remaining steam that the engine left behind.

Now, if you want to create something, anything really, you do need imagination. And I just understood this week, that this is why I have been stuck. Stuck in relation to my work, in relation to my friends and in relation to life in general. It’s a wonder my kids are turning out okay under these circumstances! All of this understanding came up today, when the word POWER has been added to the equation.
We have all been given power. Power of choice – to live our lives like we want to. Because Christ came to give us all life, right? Not only that, He came to make us free too!**

The moment you give away that power of choice, that’s the moment your life actually ends. You will (as was I) only be existing to go through the motions. Doesn’t mean you don’t laugh. Doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have a good time.
But the power that is necessary for your life to truly have meaning – that is the power that you have let go, the moment you don’t exercise the right you have. To choose, that no matter what life throws at you, you will succeed and not give up. That sure, you were a victim of something. We all have been. But what you do, the second that event has passed, determines how you continue to live your life. With the choice between life, and death (where you are existing, awaiting death).

Sheez, this post sounds dreadfully sad. But in reality, it isn’t. I want to encourage you, where ever you are, in whatever shape or form you are, to pick yourself up if needed, dust yourself off and continue. Live life to the fullest. Do what you can to make sure that you choose LIFE and not let circumstances determine your DEATH. With the knowledge that Jesus is the only way through Life as He is the only one who died for you. And me. And for my neighbor as for yours.

Being a gentleman, He won’t force you to choose Him. He gives you the choice. The only thing He asks, is that we choose wisely. So go ahead. Choose. And then go live that life you’ve always dreamt of living. With POWER.

**The difference between setting free and making free is a whole other subject which I won’t go into, today.

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